About Learning Plus

The Learning Plus platform is a market-leading training solution designed to deliver time and cost-efficient training programmes to volume audiences. Used in industries as wide-ranging and diverse as food production, manufacturing, recruitment, hospitality, and care, it helps organisations meet regulatory requirements for the delivery, certification and management of training.

Fully endorsed by the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, our range of health and safety courses will give your workforce the right knowledge and skills to ensure that non-compliance is a non-issue.

Learning Plus is successfully used by many organisations to reduce costs, increase profit and consistently achieve complete compliance in evaluations.

Fully hosted and completely secure, the web-based Learning Plus platform consists of five key elements:

Site-specific online account

Each site using Learning Plus has their own dedicated, secure online account, where all training activity and reports are held

Learning Plus course player

The easy-to-use interface that runs all Learning Plus courses and collates responses

Learning Plus keypads

Each trainee on a course is given their own keypad, which they use to respond to questions both during the course and for the final assessment


The range of endorsed courses that come supplied with Learning Plus is incredible, with subjects as diverse as food safety and a variety of health and safety matters, to risk assessments, literacy and numeracy

Respond Point

Turn your existing presentations into Learning Plus courses using this Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in. Courses created using Respond Point work in exactly the same way as those created by Learning Plus.

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