About Butchery Plus

Butchery Plus is the UK’s leading supplier of skilled and experienced butchers, trimmers and slaughter men to the meat processing industry at locations across the UK.

Our experienced and dedicated team works closely with both clients and candidates, taking the time to establish exactly what the client needs, and the experience, skills, pay expectations and geographical location of candidates. Through this, we can ensure that we match the right candidates to the right clients.

With clients across the UK, we are constantly adding to our pool of workers, so we’re ready to meet seasonal demands at a moment’s notice.

Our dedicated OnSite teams are on hand to support our workers and the client, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Our success has been built on our reputation for caring about our workers, treating them fairly and ethically. We are fully compliant with the Gangmasters Licencing Authority (GLA) regulations, and have a director on the authority’s board.